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Why do you need water when you practise a sport?

When practicing a physical activity, it is necessary to remember that the body will take care of regulating its temperature by means of sweat and the above implies that it releases much more in case of high temperatures.

Of course, what has been mentioned is quite obvious to everyone, but not everyone is clear that they are losing fluids and as a result of this, it is important that training also includes hydration and does not end up taking a back seat.

Hydration in sport: its importance

To begin with, the first symptoms of dehydration, even if it is no more than 1 or 2%, are associated with an increase in body temperature and heart rate. If the above is not sufficiently noticeable to combat it, headaches, reduced performance, cramps, etc. may occur.

This is why it is necessary for people to maintain good hydration when practicing physical activity. Of course, drinks are a very good solution, but it is always worth considering water or a sports drink, which are helpful in providing electrolytes because they are important if you think of compounds like sodium.

When is it necessary to hydrate when exercising?

One of the questions that most often leads to confusion among the people who are being consulted regarding sports hydration has to do with the strategic moments to cover this need. The truth is that hydration should be before, during and after physical activity.

Before the exercise, because it is a task of preparation of the body where the body will be in conditions suitable for greater effort. In principle, just drinking half a litre of water before you start is more than enough. However, it is also necessary to think about whether the test you want to face is going to be particularly hard, which is why you can start the hydration process as early as two days before the procedure.

With regard to hydration during exercise, it is essential to consume water and sports drinks because they provide essential elements for the body that are lost with sweat.
To conclude with this explanation, it is also essential that people are and treat each other after their physical activity routine, as it is as important a step as before or during. Don’t forget to start responding to fluids as soon as possible.

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