How to speak better in front of people

Many people find it very hard to speak confidently in public, or even, they cannot do so, stage fright. Good communication is key to success, a leader must know how to communicate with confidence so that his workers will admire him and trust the work they are doing.

Good communication is not only necessary when you have to give a lecture, but also in any field, in relationships with friends, in class, in a presentation in front of your classmates, etc. Here are a few simple steps that will help you a lot.

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Conference Themes

The papers will be scheduled by conference theme; these themes or tracks are listed in the table on the next page. The “Short Name” appears in the interface of the Scientific Sub Committee’s Submissions System. The “Full Title” is the complete name of the theme. The Submissions System and also the conference web site provide descriptions of each theme that defines the scope of each one of these.

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