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How to enjoy the kama sutra to the fullest

Before starting with the description of the most pleasant postures of the Kamasutra, it is important to remember that on the part of the woman’s body, the clitoris is the only organ that has been made solely and exclusively for pleasure. It also has twice as many nerve endings as the penis and its roots surround the vagina.

To the extent that the clitoris is stimulated, the experience of sexual intercourse will be improved and therefore more pleasurable. In this sense, the choice of a position is key. The levels of pleasure provided by sex are indescribable as we see at mr videos porno gratis, and that’s why there are so many amateurs all over the planet. Don’t you just love it?

Pleasant positions of the kamasutra

  • Missionary – It is one of the classics, but this does not mean that it should be overlooked. One of its advantages is that the bodies are joined together, which means that the clitoris is enjoyed in a comfortable way and the woman can control the movement of her hip. If you want to increase the pressure, you can place a cushion under the kidneys to raise the pelvis.

  • Lotus Union – This is a position that women like because they can move forward and backward, as well as in circles. It is a very good option to enjoy the clitoris with the body of the couple and to be caressed with the hand during penetration.

  • Andromacan Position – A position that ensures that the clitoris is stimulated at all times from the very beginning. It is worth noting that in this case it is the woman who controls the pace, speed and pressure of the entire relationship.

  • Linked vineyards – The key to this kamasutra posture is related to pressure and rhythm control by the kamasutra. It can be taken into account that there is every possibility of stretching the legs, placing one between the two legs of the man and surrounding the body or separating and caressing them on one’s own.

  • 69 – It is one of the best known and is very well seen because in this case the caresses are made with the tongue, which is why both are going to be stimulated thanks to the movements of this part of the body. It also has the advantage of enabling certain types of movements, pressures and rhythms that are difficult to achieve by other means.

  • Cheerful phoenix – It is a position where a deep penetration is achieved and in which the woman is able to rub her clitoris against the pubis and the belly of the man. Also, the placement of the man’s legs changes the depth of movement.

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