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Internet as the source of information about sex

Families, teachers and students are concerned about the sexual education of minors promoted by the network. Thus, for 33.34% of future teachers, 48.17% of families and 50.63% of teachers, it is said that the consumption and production of sexually explicit content is harmful to relationships and family life. It should be noted that almost 9 out of 10 of future teachers say that young people report sex on the Internet. These figures are worrying, as 62.82% of those surveyed consider that the presence of sexually explicit content on the Internet could encourage behaviour such as sexual assault or rape. 8 out of 10 students feel that it is not appropriate to use pornographic content in class for students to learn to view it critically.

For the researchers of the Rey Juan Carlos University, “it is necessary to establish a working group in which representatives of the different trends in education regarding sexual contents on the Internet dialogue” such as sexo en adultguia, in addition, “it is proposed that both universities and non-higher education centres make known a series of fundamental points that guarantee the protection of minors and the prevention of negative consequences”. The study also recommends “the establishment of communication channels within families, and between families and teachers, to prevent and detect problems in order to avoid them”; it also recommends that “educators be trained in the safe and responsible use of the Internet in order to accompany minors”. Finally, it is recommended to “prevent and raise awareness of the risks of sharing images on networks”.

Why is sex so important nowadays?

As the Director General of TFW, María José Olesti, has indicated, “This report was presented on International Mother and Father’s Day, which invites us to reflect on the role that families should play in the education and socialization of children, with the example of mothers and fathers as the main educators occupying a fundamental place and the time that they can devote to their homes. On the other hand, in light of the results, we highlight the importance of access filters to adult content in the home and the need for government regulation of this content, all of this to ensure the protection of minors.

The Family Watch is an Institute for the study of the family, which, based on an analysis of the social reality of the family, and from an interdisciplinary perspective, is dedicated to the development of studies, proposals and initiatives, so that the family may be better known and receive the treatment and care that are appropriate to the functions it performs in society.

There is no doubt that sex is playing an ever more fundamental role in our lives and that is why it is so important to offer ways of learning so that young people can be educated correctly and without distortions of what reality trully is.

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